Since a couple of years Limnomar is active in the field of aquatic eco-toxicology and its investigations are focussed on histopathology studies of freshwater and marine organisms. These studies are performed on wildlife animals caught or collected in surface waters or on animals kept under experimental conditions in the laboratory. Up to now species of the genus molluscs, especially snails and mussels have been investigated. To a minor degree, studies have been performed on fish, crustaceans, amphibians and rats. The effects and the mode of action of endocrine active compounds were in the focus of these projects. Due to the large variety of species investigated, species-specific as well as basic effects could be elucidated

Regarding the type of compounds studied in wildlife and laboratory animals, antifouling biocides (organotins, triazines, copper a.o.) as well as pesticides or additives of coatings were in the focus.

In field and in laboratory studies LimnoMar cooperates with other working groups active in the field of biology or chemical analysis. The performed research projects were conducted on the national or European level. Looking at the publication list, it can be perceived, which species and compounds have been investigated. Field studies have been conducted in German freshwater areas like Lake Constance or the river Elbe, along the German coast, and in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.