Project “CLEAN” – Underwater Cleaning for Professional Shipping

Since 2018 a project consortium composed of representatives of the Environment Department of Bremen, and bremenports, on cooperation with the Coast Guard of Lower Saxony, the German Federal Agency of Shipping, paint companies, the Alfred Wegener Polar Institute Bremerhaven, the shipping company Laeisz, Nordseetaucher, and LimnoMar perform the research project CLEAN on in-water cleaning of ship hulls. The project focuses on three topics:

  • Demonstration of practicability and efficacy of underwater cleaning of ships hulls coated with non-toxic, abrasion resistant coatings
  • Demonstration of collection and filtration techniques/systems for the removed fouling organisms with respect to water quality and introduction of invasive species
  • Drafting of application requirements for permissions of underwater hull cleaning and propeller polishing

There are the following documents available as downloads:

Interim Report CLEAN

Link to the movie ‘In-water Cleaning of Vessels and Boats’

Foulig Management